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AJDEA is an entreprise that was created in 2018 with the goal of providing support to farmers in the Northwest of Haiti. Our goal is to increase agricultural production in the region by providing small to medium sized farmers with the tools and resources that they need to grow more food and provide healthy, affordable agricultural products to the people of Haiti. Since its inception, the company has developped a unique model that has been able to provide valuable resources to farmers with incredible results.




We support farmers during the entire lifecycle of the process, from before a seed ever goes into the ground to the time they take their products to market.

1. Equipment rental:    We provide the equipment that the farmers need to work the land.

2. Staffing:    We provide staffing services to help plant, maintain and harvest crops.

3. Expertise:    We provide agronomy and engineering consulting to farmers to solve the various problems that they may encounter

4. Sales:    We provide logistics and sales services to take the harvested products to market.

And So Much More….

The wholistic support we provide to the farmers that we work with has created an incredible demand for our services. A demand that we can’t continue to meet without your contribution

What We Need…

*Modern Farming equipment
*Storage location
*Improved logistics

With your contribution, we can help more farmers produce more food, create more employment and improve the economic condition in the Northwest.


The Impact Has been Amazing, But There is So Much More to Do!


Meet the people who make it happen!

Minouche Pierre Louis, born August 10, 1994 in Saint-Louis-du-Nord. Degree in Finance and International Trade, degree in journalistic communication. Obtaining a master’s degree in international business finance. Knowing a great career in the field of art and fashion from 2010 to 2022. Actress, host, singer and professional model, president of OJHER (Organization of Young Haitians for studies in Russia), director of the Saint-Louis modeling school -North. Influential woman in Haitian fashion, AJDEA Coordinator.

Aubert Estimon, born December 24, 1954 in Saint-Louis-du-Nord. Degree in legal sciences, farmers. Certified at the Ecole de la magistrature, Former deputy judge of the Peace Court of Saint-Louis-du-Nord. President of the CODSCN association, president of GAPHAS, director of the Evangelical Ebenezer School of Saint-Louis-du-Nord. Certified in sociology, graduate in Theology, Pasteur. Secretary of the town hall of Saint-Louis-du-Nord, specialist in public relations for AJDEA.

Jean Joseph, born March 8, 1970 in Saint-Louis-du-Nord, entrepreneur, merchant, farmer. Secretary Chamber of Commerce Cell of Saint-Louis-du-Nord. Owner Jean-Jean building materials. CAFDESA members (Committee of the Saint-Louis-du-Nord and Anse-à-Foleur women’s association), Treasurer EFACAP (Basic School of Application Pedagogical Support Center, Vice-Coordinator AJDEA.

Celinor Cinelien, born December 20, 1977 in Saint-Louis-du-Nord, entrepreneur, farmer, breeder mason. AJDEA peasant spokesperson.


At AJDEA, our aim is to create a resilient and sustainable agricultural ecosystem within our community, by promoting environmentally friendly practices, empowering farmers and mobilizing community members. We organize farm visits to present successful sustainable farming models in the area, conduct on-site demonstrations of innovative farming techniques, encourage knowledge exchange among farmers.  We Also establish community gardens in vacant community spaces, encouraging residents to participate in the cultivation of organic vegetables and herbs, thus fostering a sense of belonging and providing access to fresh products.

AJDEA is also an association that participates in sustainable development within our community, at the economic, social and entrepreneurial level. We run awareness campaigns through social media, local media and community events to facilitate the engagement of our citizens, highlighting the benefits of sustainable agriculture, the importance of supporting local farmers and the impact of our food choices on the environment. We facilitate the transfer of knowledge between academia and the agricultural community in the areas of ​​job creation and economic activity.

We can build a future where agriculture thrives, food security is enhanced and the well-being of our community is secured. Together, let’s cultivate a greener, healthier and more prosperous future.


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Aldo Victor $25.00 September 13, 2023
Terry Celestin $25.00 September 08, 2023
James Lubin $25.00 September 04, 2023
Pierre Teddy Clermont $50.00 August 23, 2023
Joshua Jean $100.00 August 23, 2023

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