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About KOSĀHA     

KOSĀHA (Konbit Sosyal Asosiyasyon Hayti) is a growing local organization formed in 2019 that stemmed from the meeting of two members involved in a local farming movement in Grande Anse. With the arrival of a third member on the management team, KOSĀHA brought its vision to fruition with its first ‘konbit’ with Julia & Jade, another Grande Anse local community farming organization. This attracted other organizations in other departments  that heard about KOSĀHA’s success. 



The vision in full manifest

Building KOSĀHA sites from an agricultural standpoint is first done by ensuring a means of irrigation, followed by essential infrastructure, reinforcing an era of economic development. Agriculture being our biggest asset to ensure an autonomous reality that does not depend on foreign entities. KOSĀHA’s vision is to bring support by structuring its sites with the ability to reform health and education systems, connecting with the diaspora and creating a collaborative work setting that is more relatable.


As a member of KOSĀHA

Up until now, KOSĀHA has generated funds locally by pooling monthly membership fees through a collective cooperative form. 

In the current zone of operation of Kenscoff, the aim is to have 50 local members paying 1000 Haitian Gourdes twice a month while working their own land. KOSĀHA will provide extra workers, equipment and tools, seed, water, produce transport, local and international distribution and sale. Members then receive 10% of profits from each harvest. Members are held to an administrative 25 year social contract where the land cannot be sold, rented or borrowed.

In a larger frame, members, their families and communities benefit from job creation and reorganization of essential infrastructure such as water, electricity, sanitary stations, kitchens, housing, mills, schools and roads. 


Current project seeking funding:

KOSĀHA is now in Kenscoff working with the farmers and community to tap and relay three water springs for complete irrigation of member-owned lands, within a set plan.  

The cost per spring is US$3500 and includes all needed materials and equipment, as well as logistical fees. The total cost for this endeavor will be US$15,000.  


Water Spring #1 

Able to irrigate approximately 5 hectares 

Will create jobs for 15 people

Materials needed: 

100 PVC pipes, size 1 inch

5/400W solar panels

1/40 m² tarp for water retention


Water Spring #2

Able to irrigate 3 hectares

Will create jobs for 9 people 

Materials needed: 

50 PVC pipes, size 1 inch

1 solar powered submersible pump; 100 m Head, 270W, DC24V, Outlet Diameter 0.75 inch

2/400W solar panels

1/40 m² tarp for water retention


Water Spring #3

Able to irrigate 5 hectares

Will create jobs for 15 people

Materials needed:

100 PVC pipes, size: 1 inch

2 solar powered submersible pumps; 100 m Head, 270W, DC24V, Outlet Diameter 0.75 inch

5/400W solar panels

2/40 m² tarps for water retention 

1 Irrigation pump system


The work in progress can be followed on our new Facebook page Facebook.com/Kosaha918

You can also see our current and previous work on the FB pages Kamal Blacksun and Fondation Julia & Jade 


Please visit our website at www.kosaha-hayti.com and share this campaign!!!


Meet KOSĀHA directing members:

Samad Willy Delicat

Samad is a founding member of KOSĀHA. He is responsible for operations in regards to local communications and land development, construction, physical labor and irrigation. Born in Port-au-Prince, Samad has always been dedicated to helping push forward community change. He has been involved as the person responsible for organizations that focus on economic and social development, and worked as a dentist for a mobile clinic.


Kamal Frantz 

Kamal was born in Port-au-Prince and lived in Canada for 31 years before returning to Haiti permanently in 2012 with the vision of assisting other players with a similar mindset, working specifically to put in place structures that reorganize and civilize the territory. He is in charge of education and research, local and international communications, strategy development, and is secretary and spokesperson for KOSĀHA


Phone (WhatsApp): 509-4794-2832 / 509-5517-6557


Thank you for contributing to this lifesaving campaign.

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